Monday, October 19, 2015

In which I go to a children's shoes store


Firstly, for those of you who don't know, let me explain homecoming. Homecoming is the 'coming home' of earlier graduates. Supposedly they come back to the school, but most students just go to the big football game and the dance!

The week before homecoming is spirit week. This means that every day there is a new theme people can dress up in. Some go crazy, some don't. My favorite day was outer space day, because everyone either wore their space-hoodies, went as an alien or did some Star Wars thing. You can probably guess which one I did. 

Princess Leia and the Doctor :)

Friday we had the big football game, we played Tucker High School. It was great! I was in the student section with some of the theatre kids, and we had lots of fun! Also, we won: 45-7. Go Freeman Rebels!!

And of course, Saturday we had the dance! Now, I had a little problem, because appearently Americans don't make a lot of fancy shoes my tiny little feet can handle. Eventually Karen and I were so done that we walked into a children's shoe store. Seriously. I was pretty embarrassed, but to be fair they did have a lot of shoes that fit me. Unfortunately they weren't fancy enough for homecoming, because they were targeted at 10 year olds. 

This year was 'Sadie Hawkins'. That means that instead of the boys asking the girls, the girls have to ask the boys. Just my luck. My date was Hayden, who is in the play with me. Luckily he agreed to go with me, because we had a great time! 

Of course, Hayden and I couldn't escape from Andrew and his camera. First, we went out to dinner with Marte, the other foreign exchange student at Freeman. Luckily, the restaurant was right next to Freeman, so we didn't have to walk that far.

And then we went to the dance! Yes, homecoming princes and princesses are a real thing! Every grade and club gets to elect a princess, and then there's a queen and a king. Another thing you always see in the movies that turns out to be real! 
The dance itself wasn't that good, but we still had a good time with all the theatre kids. Trust the theatre kids to dance weirdly. 

 After the dance we took some pictures at Freeman's...sign-thingy. This was mostly because Marte and I were like omg those are real!! And yes, yes they are.

So homecoming! It was great. I had an amazing time and a lovely date. :)

See you next time, when I hopefully talk about a nice Halloween!!


(p.s: a couple of days ago I forgot the Dutch word for peanut. I even had to use Google Translate to eventually find it out. Andrew and Karen started chanting "one of us, one of us, one of us....")