Sunday, August 16, 2015

I'm here!

Now, before I tell you what it's like here in Richmond (teaser: it's AWESOME), I'll write about yesterday. 

The last days of camp were great! We went to a baseball game on Thursday, which was lots of fun!

Then on Friday, we had a talent show, and I played the ukulele. We also 'graduated' from camp, and we had a nice barbeque outside! And then it was time for the dance, and time to say goodbye!

Saying goodbye was awful! There were lots of tears everywhere, and because everyone left in a different bus at a different time you were constantly saying goodbye. Eventually, it was time for my bus to leave, so around 4:30 am I arrived at JFK. There were 4 other EF exchange students on my flight, so we could all wait together! Now, my flight was supposed to leave at 9:05 am, but it kept getting delayed, and eventually we left at 2:25 pm. 

It was one of those little planes, with three seats on each row. I had the lonely window seat, and I was so excited! The people next to me must have wondered why that girl next to them was making such weird noises and pushing her face against the window. 

Anyways, we landed and walked to the baggage claim, and there I finally met my host family, the Kantors! For those of you who don't know, my host family consists of my host dad, Andrew, my host mom, Karen, and my host brother Sam. They had made me a nice sign, and after a couple of hugs and hello's we quickly moved to the baggage carousel, and literally within a minute my bag turned up! So we could move to the car, and drive home.

When we arrived home, I got greeted by two hyperactive dogs, Lucy and Maggie. The Kantors also have four cats, (Phred, Charlie, Peanut and Simon) but I didn't see them because they were hiding! We moved my bag to my room, they showed me around the house, and then they gave me time to just lie on the bed and unpack a little. 
But, it was impossible to sleep! Though I'd been awake for over 30 hours, I just couldn't fall asleep. So after half an hour I came downstairs, and Karen and I went to Target to get me some things. 

Target is a pretty cool store! They have lots of awesome stuff, and it was a lot of fun to walk through it with Karen. Then we drove home and had dinner, hamburgers and corn, and then everyone was so tired that at 9 pm we went to sleep!

I absolutely love my room! I'll post some more pictures later, but for now just assume it's really really cool. 
Lucy, the biggest dog, is pretty much in love with me so she follows me around everywhere. She slept on my bed last night, and there were at least two other animals in the room too. 

This morning we had bagels for breakfast (they were good), and then me, Andrew and Sam went biking. But, after about 10 minutes my tire exploded! Whoops. 
So, we had to walk back home, and Andrew and I went to the bike store to buy a new tire. 

And now, I'm sitting on the couch. Karen is entertaining the dogs by throwing random toys all over the room. Phred (big red cat) sometimes just comes over and licks my legs, which I'm guessing means he likes me. 
It's super hot outside, 32 Celsius, (though I should probably start saying 88 F) so today I'll probably unpack some more and explore the house! 

That's all for now! I'll post some more later this week, hopefully with some more pictures!


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